What it means to have a duty?

A writer has a duty and an obligation never to be understood by his own generation; convinced, as he is that he has been born into the age of mediocrity, he believes that being understood would mean, losing his chance of ever being considered a genius. A writer revises and rewrites each sentence many times. The vocabulary of an average man is made of 3000 words; a real writer never uses any of these, because there are another 189000 words in the dictionary, and he is not the average man. And every single word should encrypt sacred meaning within; otherwise the piece of work would be worthless, boring and regular. When he wants to shock somebody he says things like 'Einstein was a fool' or 'Tolstoy was the clown of the bourgeoisie'. When trying to seduce a woman, a writer says 'I am a writer', and scribbles a poem on a napkin. It always works. When invited to say what he is reading at the moment, a writer always mentions a book no one has ever heard of.

It sounds quite vigorous and stereotypical in relation to a writer. Definitely, one should not consider Coelho's words as the ultimate truth, because people who write books - amateur or professionals - are unique and they are far more different from the writer described above. However, we can still observe some specific treats of a writer's character and meanings of words or the way he or she behaves in society which is very common for the whole group of people who interested in writing.